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Saturday, 18 November 2017
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High-Speed ADSL services rolled out nationwide by Aviators Network
Aviators Network  today announced the immediate availability across the UK of high-speed Internet access for SME's and consumers. Utilising BT's IPStream platform, Houxou can now provide access to the Internet at speeds ranging from 512k/sec to 2MB/sec, or 10 to 40 times the speed that ordinary 56k modems are capable of.
Even ISDN can only manage up to 128k/sec when both channels are used. Of course in this scenario two telephone calls must be paid for, while under the ADSL service provided by Houxou.com no call charges are necessary.

Anybody connected to an ADSL-enabled exchange can use the service, which is already available in most major towns and cities. BT intend to upgrade exchanges serving 70% of the UK population by the end of 2001.

The Houxou ADSL range starts from £50 per month for the ADSL Home 500 variant, putting it firmly within the reach of regular home internet users, who could even save money by switching from an ISDN or ordinary PSTN connection.

The ADSL Network (500/1000/2000) variant is available at speeds of 512k/sec, 1MB/sec and 2MB/sec. This offers an ethernet router which can support even large Local Area Networks (LANs) for between £100 and £175 per month.

Unlike most UK ISPs offering ADSL, Houxou provides static IP addressing (the same address every time you connect to the Internet) as an option at no extra cost with all ADSL services. A subnet of unique IP addresses allow companies to move services such as web hosting or mail server management in-house. Static IP addressing can also be used to provide employees and partners with secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to the corporate network over the public Internet. Houxou can also provide hardware and software solutions to enable these features, along with implementation and security consultancy, installation and maintenance contracts.

The introduction of ADSL into Houxou's comprehensive services portfolio is a further confirmation that they are committed to staying at the forefront of emerging Internet access technologies, maintaining their position as the most complete provider of branded Internet Services.

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