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Saturday, 18 November 2017
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Acceptable Use Policy - User Websites
By uploading to our server, you will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use.
You are required to accept email addressed to "webmaster" at your domain. For example, if you own "domain.com" then you should accept email addressed to " ". You will be deemed to have read any and all such webmaster-addressed email. We may take action on the basis of this assumption.

You are responsible in all respects for the content of your web site and must ensure that no applicable law is violated. You must obtain any necessary legal permission for any works that your web site may include. You will be held responsible for and accept responsibility for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material available via your web site. We reserve the right to remove any material from a web site at our sole discretion, without prior notice and without explanation.

A web site may not be used to offer, advertise or distribute any of the following types of material: software for sending 'spam' (bulk emails, excessive news postings, etc.); illegal material lists of email addresses, except where all the owners of the addresses have given you explicit permission; any collection of personal data other than in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998. You must comply with the Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998 (and any amendments or re-enactments of them) regarding all information received, stored or communicated through the use of your web site.

If your web site contains material that may cause general offence, a clearly readable warning page must be shown before any such offensive material is displayed. To avoid doubt, this means that your top-level web page (usually index.htm or index.html) must not contain any adult material or other material that may generally offend. Where part of a web site forms an independent area that is not linked to by a topmost page, it will be considered as a site in its own right when considering whether appropriate warnings are present. Warnings are also required where the material is referenced directly from a web site, with no intervening pages, or where the use of frames makes the material appear to be part of a web site.

All of the web pages on a web site are considered to be publicly visible and may be downloaded by any person, whether or not they are linked from any central contents or home page. However, specific mechanisms are available as part of some services to prevent unauthorised access. Pages protected in such a manner will not be considered to be public.

Web sites may not be advertised by you, or by another person, using techniques that would be classified as "abuse" if they were carried out from a dial-up/ADSL or leased line account including, but not limited to, bulk emailing and excessive news posting. Web sites must display a valid, up-to-date email contact address for the person responsible for the site. The use of the generic address of "webmaster" is acceptable for this purpose. This address must appear on the top-level page or be easily locatable from the top-level page.

The Conditions of Use for the Standard Dial-Up account relating to disclosure of your passwords apply. Specifically your passwords are your responsibility and must not be disclosed to any third party.

You must not cause your pages to be accessed by any means other than in the form "www.domain.com" (for the hostname "sample") nor register your web pages anywhere using any form of URL except in the form beginning: http://www.domain.com. Specifically, you must not reference or cause your Homepages to be referenced by dotted IP address (e.g. []).

Aviators Network will require sites that are considered to show excessive use to be modified or be moved to a different server. Aviators Network reserves the right to make a charge for any assessment of suspended sites.

Support from the helpdesk is only available for uploading, downloading and viewing pages. No support will be given for HTML authoring or page design.

You will be responsible for retaining copies of your own data. Aviators Network will not be held responsible for keeping backups of your site.

Aviators Network accepts no responsibility for loss of data, information in any form or other matters whatsoever that result from the use of this service. Aviators Network shall not be held liable for any loss however occasioned as a result of the suspension, removal or unavailability of a Homepages site or material stored within it.

Contacting Us About This Policy

Please use the contact details available on this website if you have any questions about this policy. You should also use the contact details listed on this site in order to report activity you believe is in violation of this policy.

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