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Saturday, 18 November 2017
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Code of Practice

Introduction to Aviators Network

Aviators Network provides Internet solutions to business and private customers throughout the UK.

Purpose of the Code

This code of practice is intended for our residential and small business customers.  It explains what products we offer you, how to purchase these products, the standard of service you can expect from us, and how you can complain if you feel that we have not met that standard of service.

How to obtain a copy of the Code

This code of practice is published on our website at www.aviators.net.  Additional copies are available on request and free of charge to any customer, by writing to us at the address below.  This code has been approved by Ofcom.

Aviators Network products and services

For full details of our products and services are available on this website.

Our services to residential and small business customer include:


Aviators Network Broadband provides business and residential users with a permanent, high-speed connection to the Internet using a BT analogue phone line, and allows you to continue making and receiving standard voice calls while you are online.  You can purchase these services online via the above web-sites

Server Hosting

Aviators Network Hosting solutions have been designed for organisations whose websites require the highest level of reliability/availability, functionality and performance, but who may not want the financial and operational burdens associated with managing their own hardware/software, dedicated internet connections and technical staff

Dial-up services

Aviators Network offers various dial-up services via the customer’s modem including pay-as-you-go, or unmetered services.

Aviators Network offers domain name based web-hosting and spam services via its various web-sites as above

Customer Enquiries and Ordering

For enquiries, product information, pricing or to order or amend your services, please call or visit our website:

Phone: 0870 7425398

Website: www.aviators.net

Contract Terms

Before we provide you with any product or service we will expect you to accept our terms and conditions. Terms and conditions including any minimum contractual periods for all of our products are available on our web-site.

Fault Handling

Aviators Network has a pro-active approach to fault detection, identification and clearance and we typically identify most network faults before we receive any customer reports.  This enables Aviators Network to locate and clear the problem more effectively, reducing the impact of any fault on our customers.  If you do encounter a loss of service or fault on equipment managed by Aviators Network, you can contact Aviators Network on the following number:

General Fault reports: 0870 742 5398

Each product has a dedicated Help Desk to allow customers to reach appropriate expertise quickly and effectively.


You will be notified of any price variations in accordance with your contract for the products you have purchased.

Aviators Network can provide itemised billing upon request.

Invoices will indicate a due date when payment must be made.  This is 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise indicated in your contract.

Your payment options are specified in our offer of service.  These will normally include cheque, credit/debit card or BACS.  Please e-mail if you wish to change or discuss your payment method.

If your payment is not made on time, we will send you a reminder.  If we do not receive payment after 60 days, we may withdraw your service.

Should you have any difficulties in making payments, please contact our Billing Department

Support and Maintenance

We will provide ongoing maintenance in respect of the Service supplied to you. Because of this purpose there will be some occasions when you will not be able to access the Service. We will keep these occasions to a minimum. Support services are only available in respect of some of the Services, and you will have to decide accordingly which service is best for you. We shall not be liable for any consequential losses you may suffer. You will not be eligible for any compensation in the event of not being able to use the service. This also applies is the service is curtailed because of a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service. We may change the service at any time.


You may terminate your agreement with us at any time. Simply give us 30 days notice in writing, by recorded delivery, for the attention of the "Accounts Department". In the event that you decide to terminate your account you must inform us in writing, by recorded delivery post to the "Accounts Manager" at least 30 days before the last payment you wish us to take. No refunds or part refunds will be given for any payments taken.

Customer Complaints

Aviators Network continually strives to improve the way we serve our customers.  We can handle your service issues in various ways, ranging from quick complaint handling to acting on customer feedback from direct contact.

In the first instance you should register your complaint with Aviators Network

Telephone:  08707425398


Post::  Customer Services


54 Clarendon Road


WD17 1DU

United Kingdom

Customer Services Opening Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Website Content
If you wish to complain about content hosted by one of our customers please report it to or by fax to 01727 834759

Unresolved Complaints
If you are unsatisfied by the response you may request that your complaint is escalated, whereby you will follow our internal escalation procedure until you receive a satisfactory, or final response

Further Escalation

A complaint that is unresolved can be referred to the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (Otelo) twelve weeks after first making the complaint, or if Aviators Network issues a “deadlock” letter.  Otelo is an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme approved by Ofcom.

Data Protection
We are committed to protecting any personal information we may hold about you.  Aviators Network will never use your personal data in such a way as to breach the Data Protection Act or any other relevant UK legislation

Acceptable Use Policies
In common with other service providers, we have acceptable use policies (AUPs) which specify the standard of behaviour we expect from our customers when using our services.  If you breach these AUPs we will bring this to your attention.  Serious or persistent breaches of our AUP may result in withdrawal of your service.  Copies of these policies can be found at:

www.aviators.net under Legal

Customer Cancellation

The ability to cancel your agreement depends on the service which you have purchased and the Terms and Conditions applicable to that service.  If you are unsure please contact our Billing Department on 08707 425398 or e-mail

External Organisations:

OTELO, the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman is an independent company providing free of charge complaint investigations. Otelo is approved by the communications regulator, OFCOM
Contact Details
PO Box 730
Tel: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 0845 050 1615
Web: www.otelo.org.uk

OFCOM, the Office of Communications,is the new regulator for the converged communications industry.  If you require further information on the role of Ofcom, please contact:
Contact Details
Office of Communications
Riverside House
2A Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA
Tel: 0845 456 3000
Fax: 020 7981 3333

If you have a complaint about premium rate services you should contact ICSTIS, the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services.  ICSTIS is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services.  It regulates the content and promotion of services through a Code of Practice. ICSTIS investigates complaints and has the power to fine companies and bar access to services.  ICSTIS investigates complaints about any promotion or service involving the use of a telephone connection including Internet or interactive TV) to make a premium rate call.
Examples are:
• Services which start with the numbers 090 xxxx
• Directory Enquiry (DQ) services operating on 118 xxx
• International services commencing +00 xx
• SMS text messages charged at a premium
• Information services (such as traffic and weather report services) on mobile telephone short codes
Contact Details
Clove Building, 4 Maguire Street,
London, SE1 2NQ
London SE1 2BR
Freefone: 0800 500 212
Fax: 020 7940 7456
Web: www.icstis.org.uk (online complaint form)

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