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Sunday, 19 November 2017
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 Image Aviators Network is a full-service ISP. This means we offer much more than email, web space and a connection to the Internet. We can provide Domain Names, Co-location, high-speed 'Leased Lines', ADSL & SDSL, expert Strategic and Technical Internet Consultancy or more bespoke services.

We have built many partnerships which enable us to scale rapidly and efficiently, and also offer a larger range of better supported services. You can rely on our experience (we believe we were the first to offer Windows users an internet connection package in the UK) and we have consistently provided one of the most reliable services in the UK.
We owe our origins to providing Aviation information to private, commercial and military pilots via the Internet, which at the time (1994) required us to become an ISP in order to bring those who wanted to access the service online - very few ISP's were available then. Nowadays the weather information service has grown up to become AvBrief.com, while we remain an ISP, catering to both aviation and non-aviation customers alike.

What Technology do we use.

Aviators Network is proud to use the following products, platforms and technologies:

What Can We Do For You?

We offer all you need to get started on the Internet, with a reliable fast connection, varied email solutions and free technical support.

We can  supply you with domain names, secure feature rich hosting platforms with webmail, MySql, PHP, CGI, SSL, Webstats along with numerous application addons for your site.

Click here to check if your domain name is available - it may already be too late!

The most recent addition to our portfolio is ADSL.

Aviators Network is run and operated by Houxou.com
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